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Customer Reviews

Customer is king is a known fact that should guide every business, it’s a rule every business is supposed to follow if success is to be achieved, but unfortunately most businesses don’t seem to abide by it and are now bound to face the consequence.

Take charge

It’s time to take the power back, it’s time to assert the authority you have as a paying customer, you know how you want to be served, then it’s time to let businesses serve you the way you deserve to be severed.

How many times have you been disappointed by a business that sold a product or service to you and when you get back to them they treated you as if you are not important to their business growth, and how bad is it that your family, friends or colleague will have the same experience with the same business and yet nothing is done about it.

No this attitude by some businesses has to change.

Now let’s say you have a place to document this bad experience and your family and friends have access to that documentation, you would have done them a great deal by helping them avoid that business or product.

On the other hand, if a business product and services is fantastic and you have a place to document the fantastic experience where your family and friends can read it, you know they would likely buy from that same business because of your good experience with them.

Let’s Do It

Bargain Master has now given you the token of authority to decide on how merchants on Bargain Master serve you. We’ve done our best in making sure every merchant selling on Bargain Master is verified through our B-verifiedprocess and they have earned your trust, but it doesn’t’ stop there, you as the paying customer are the ultimate king, you now have to direct how you are served.

Andif you are served well, then you have to let friends and family know and when you are not well served you must let them know as well.

How can I write a review and rate a business on Bargain Master.

There are two types of review and rating on Bargain Master Website.

  1. Merchant review and rating
  • Merchant review and rating happens when you feel you want to comment and rate the way a particular business has attended to you. This could be the way the business employee attended to you (good or bad) or the way the business operation (positively or negatively) impacts the society and the environment.


  1. Product and Services review and ratings
  • If you bought a product sold by a merchant on Bargain Master, you can write review and rate it on product description page of that particular product you bought. Please note that product review is not the same as merchant review.  A particular product type may be listed on this website by different merchants and they could create different experience when purchased. So focus your rating and review on the product you bought.


Can I rate and review a product I bought at a merchant physical store location if the Merchant is now selling it on Bargain Master Website?

Yes you can.

Bargain Masterwants you to have absolute control on how businesses deliver services online and offline. You could be helping a friend discover fantastic product and services or businesses that will bring better experience and you could also help a friend avoid products or business that are known to  elicit bad experience.

The power is yours, even if a business thinksit can hide behind the online shopping walls and continue with its bad customer service, you can find them out and let others be aware of your experience. If they have treated you well you will also help them connect to more customers by giving them the best rating and review.

What happens after rating and reviewing a business?

Each merchant receives a review and rating alert when the listed product or the merchant’s account is reviewed by a customer.

The rating is marked as poor rating if it has 3 or less than 3 stars, and the merchant is urged to attend to the customer’s comment and resolve any issue that may have caused the poor rating.

If a merchant continue getting poor ratings without resolving the issues raised by customers, Bargain Master may suspend the account until the issues are resolved, this is to make sure other customers are protected from the issues raised by customers who rated and reviewed the merchant or listed product.

Can I review without making my name visible?

Yes you can, this is called Anonymous review.

A member can rate and review products and merchants so far he or she is signed in, after writing the review comment and the rating  stars, you can select the check button that will let you post anonymously. That means your review and rating will appear to the merchant and other readers without your name showing on the review.

This option is to help those who would like to review and rate a merchant or a product but for some reason don’t want their name shown.

Please note that Bargain Master tracks all ratings and reviews and may contact a member if a merchant report a review as abusive, or incorrect.

Fair usage policy

While Bargain Master recognize the power you have a customer and have given you the token  of authority to demand the right way you are served, you still have to abide by the Bargain Master fair play rules.

  • You are advised to rate and review products you bought and used
  • You should only rate and review merchant’s you have bought an item from either on Bargain Master or elsewhere
  • You should only rate and review with correct information.
  • Please avoid abusive comment or words and state the issue as it happened
  • If you know someone who has good or bad experience about a product or merchant elsewhere please tell the person to create accounton Bargain Master (creating account is free) and let the person write the rate and review.
  • Merchants can report member’s reviews that appears incorrect or abusive to Bargain Master, but they cannot delete or edit members rating and reviews.
  • Bargain Master may decide to delete customer reviews if reported as incorrect or abusive by a merchant after proper investigation.


At Bargain Master Customer remains the king.

Yourkingship as a customer has now been restored, go ahead and rule.