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Dispute Resolution

All transaction on Bargain Master are expected to go smoothly, but in some rare cases some transaction may not go as planned and we have made plans to resolve disputes timely and in a very transparent manner.

Possible dispute

Item not as described on product page:

When a user pay for an item on Bargain Master the payment alert will be sent to Bargain Master and the order alert sent to the merchant ifself-shipoption is available or Courier shipfor item package and pick up by the courier company.

  • For self-ship (item shipped by merchant), the merchant gets delivery code via SMS and email while item received code will be sent to the buyer. To confirm that the buyer has received the bought item the merchant is required to send to Bargain Master the item received code sent to the buyer.

The buyer is required to send to Bargain Master the delivery code sent to the merchant for delivery confirmation.

In the case where the buyer has issues with the delivered product, the buyer must contact Bargain Master before 12 hours after delivery. The buyer must provide the order number, delivery code given to the buyer by the merchant at the time of delivery and the reason for dispute when contacting customer resolution center 


  • For courier-ship (item shipped by Courier Company), the buyer will get tracking code depending on the duration of the shipping. Some items may be shipped the same day and may not require tracking code.

The shipping company must send pick up, shipping and item delivery confirmation to Bargain Master. If the buyer has any concern with the item received, the customer resolution center managers will work with the buyer, the merchant and the courier company to resolve the issue.

If after resolving the issue and there is a need for refund and the item return to the merchant, the buyer and the merchant will be notified.

Please see the Return and Refund policy for detailed information on the policy coverage.

Late delivery:

Shopping online on Bargain Master Nigeria website is the fastest and the most valuable way to buy what you want. Delivery is done by our shipping partners (Courier companies) or shipped by the merchant using the self-ship option.

Your bought item may not arrive as specified by the courier company due to some unpredictable challenges (e.g. Natural disaster, public holiday, strike, curfew etc), the courier company or Bargain Master will inform you if there are delays beyond the shipping company’s control.

If for any other reason the bought item was not delivered after the estimated delivery period stated during checkout, the buyer can open a case using the customer resolution center.

For merchant using the self-ship option, the buyer must be informed if the merchant anticipate delays on the item delivery. The buyer has a choice to accept the merchant explanation on the late delivery or open a case using customer resolution centerfor solution.

Card was charged twice

When a buyer decides to pay for item in the shipping cart, the checkout section will handle the payment process. Bargain Master has implemented the GTPay (Guarantee Bank payment gateway solution) linked to the Interswitch webpay payment solution.

You are advised to click the PAY button once, if you click it twice or if for any other reason your account was charged twice for the same order please contact Bargain Master Customer resolution centerfor quick solution and chargeback.

SMS not delivered

Connecting and communicating with friends, colleague and family members online and at the same time buying items you like at best value are what Bargain Master is offering you. You can communicate with your connected friends, family members or colleagues on Bargain Master when they are not online using the SMS solution.

We verify every registered member’s phone number to make sure they are valid and we try to make sure you send messages to only connected friends. In the case where the sent SMS is not delivered immediately, the member is advised to wait at least 30 minutes before contacting Bargain Master customer resolution centerfor solution. Some delays maybe caused by the SMS service provider network congestion

Please be aware that some friends’ phone numbers may be out of the service provider’s coverage and may cause late delivery or non-delivery of the SMS and Bargain Master do not have control over such incidence and will not be able to refund money or add additional SMS unit to the members account.

Bargain Connect member abuse

All members are advised to respect other members’ opinion and use Bargain Master Website fairly. If a member feels a user is stalking, harassing or abusing the user’s page on Bargain Master Website, the user has the option to disconnect with the abusing friend using the connect button.

If that is not enough or the abusing friend found other means on Bargain Master to continue harassing the member (e.g. creating a new account with another name), the  user can contact Bargain Master using the customer resolution centerfor resolution.

The abusing member’s account could be deleted or suspend from connecting to other friends, reviewing products and merchants on Bargain Master if found guilty.

Customer reviews:

Your opinion on products and merchants on Bargain Master is highly valued. Bargain Master wants you to help your friends and family members found great products and services, you can now document your experience and help those searching for the same product learn more about the product from a user perspective and not the manufacture or merchants’ point of view.

Gone are the days when you just complain about a product or a merchant and nothing happens, now you have the power to change the way businesses respond to mistakes and make amends.

You can review a product by commenting and by rating using the star features. You’re advised to do it with good faith and state exactly your individual experience.

In the case where a merchant feels a customer review is incorrect, inconsistent or abusive, the merchant can contact Bargain Master Customer resolution centerfor solution. Merchants will not be able to delete or disable a customer review but if reported to Bargain Master and after reviewing it, Bargain Master may delete the customer review.


For other dispute that is not listed here please contact customer resolution centerfor solution at any time.