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Payment Settlement

All products listed on Bargain Master Nigeria website by merchants can be bought and paid for on the website using GTPAY payment gateway solution on our website.

What happens to the money paid by the buyer?

When a buyer pay for items added to the shopping cart, the paid amount will go to Bargain Master holding Bank account. The holding bank account is an account created for payment settlement.

The amount paid by the buyer stays in this holding account until the buyer has confirmed that the product ordered on Bargain Master Nigeria website has be received.

Bargain Master will transfer the due amount to the merchant’s account (The due amount is the total price of the product as listed on Bargain Master minus the transaction fee. Please Log in to find out the transaction fee that applies to your merchant’s account or your listed product) 12 hours after delivery confirmation.

How long will it take for merchant to receive the amount paid for the listed product?

  • If the bought item is self-shipped and the merchant whose item was bought provides the buyer’s delivery code sent to the buyer for the authentication of the self-shipped item, the merchant’s money for the bought product will be available for payout.


The money will be transferred to the merchant’s bank account when our accounts department receives payout order from the merchant. The money may take some hours to reflect on the merchant’s bank account (depending on the merchant’s bank).

  • If the product is picked up from the merchants store and shipped by our shipping partner, Bargain Master will get the delivery confirmation details from our shipping partner immediately after delivery. There is a 12 hours wait period for the buyer to report any issue using our customer solution center.


If after 12 hours of delivery the buyer didn’t report any issue on the bought item, the merchant’s money will be available for payout. The Merchant can issue a payout order to Bargain Master Account’s department to receive the money paid for the product.

Why can’t the money paid for listed items go straight to merchant’sbank account?

That should have been the best thing to do, but Bargain Master has taken the right step to protect the buying customers and the Merchants selling their products on this website.

A merchant now has an easier way to get online and start selling.  The merchant wouldn’t have to struggle with all the complex technology of building an online shopping website in Nigeria, integrate the payment gateway, promote the website, do the shipping, handle customer service and still keep the business going.

But why we’re providing this amazing business solution to you, we also know that customer trust is important to succeeding on the internet.

The payment process is built to give the buying customer absolute confidence shopping on this website, and the merchant, the assurance that every item shipped has been paid for by the buyer.

This process also helps Bargain Master ensure that merchants remain responsible and responsive to the way they do business on this website.

Due Payout amount

  • Merchants have varying discounts and offers for every listed item on Bargain Master Website, so is the transaction charge on every item varying. We’ve made it possible to accommodate the flexibility in pricing and profit margin on each item and created the transaction fee that applies when a certain discount or offer is created by a merchant on a particular product.

You can enjoy as low as 2% transaction fee on most of your listed items. 

  • There is no listing fee for your product and there is no limit to the number of product you can sell but there is a fair usage policy that applies to make sure merchant’s remain focus and not abuse the process.
  • The due amount available for payout is the amount paid for the item sold minus the applicable transaction charges on that particular item. That means you will see total amount sold and the transaction charges listed for each product sold.
  • The merchant can choose to receive the total available amount or choose to receive part of the available amount by sending the payout order to Bargain Master Account department.
  • A merchant may want to transfer part of the available amount to the business bank account and allow Bargain Master to hold the remaining amount pending when the merchant wants the money transferred.  This scenario has been accommodated to help merchants who may want to transfer money to a new bank account or who for some reasons don’t want the available fund transferred to the business account at a particular time.


If you have any question or feedback on payment settlement please contact us from the message center in your account.