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Shopping and shipping

Online shopping in Nigeria starts on Bargain Master; it’s amazing how finding most of your essential products and most rare products not found elsewhere are found on Bargain Master Nigeria website.


Shopping online on Bargain Master Makes your life easier in different ways:

  1. You find products faster at your desired location, even down to the street where the product is located.
  2.  The product information detail page is structured in a way to help youlearn and understand the product you intend buying.
  3. The product pictures can be zoomed to help you see the full detail and features of the product; you also have multiple image view of the product from the listed product pictures.
  4. Related product information helps you see other products with best offers you may not be aware of.
  5. The product rating and review are information from other members that have bought the product in the past and decided to help others make informed decisions from their experience before buying.
  6. You may decide that the product will be bought next time you visit or you may like a product but are not ready to buy at this time, just add the product to your wish-list (which is Oh Correct on your Bargain Connect page) and who knows your friend may buy the product for you, and also, you have an easier way to find the product when you are ready to buy.
  7. When you’re satisfied with the product details and ready to buy, just click the “Add to cart” button and the item will go to your shopping cart, you can continue your shopping, and remember to always click the “Add to cart” button when you find the product you like. When you’re done shopping click the “Checkout” button.
  8. All products with the “Add to Cart” button enabled are items listed by Bargain Master Verified merchants.
  9. Merchants whose business are not physically verified by our B-verified team cannot sell their items on Bargain Master website, therefore you would not have any business dealing with potential fraudulent people that pose as genuine businesses online but are waiting to steal your hard earned money.

Please Note: Bargain Master B-verified process is a very important section of our business that helps us protect customers from fraudulent businesses. Any item bought on Bargain Master must be from a verified Merchant. Read our Start Selling policy or Buyer Protection Policy to understand how we protect members.


The checkout section of your shopping process starts with the full information of items in your “shopping cart”; here you will see all products you have added with the price, merchant selling the item and their location, shipping option available and other relevant information.

Bargain Master always suggests you create an accounton the website to enable you have greater shopping experience and faster checkout process.

At the checkout section, you will be presented with the shipping address form, the shipping information you provided will be used for the purpose of your bought item delivery.

Please note that the initial shipping calculation is done using your registered address in your Bargain Connect account (if you are already signed In).

If you intend to use a different shipping address your will provide the new shipping information and you will be able to see your new shipping cost for the items in your shopping cart.

Please be aware that all products listed and bought on Bargain Master Nigeria website are owned by different merchants located at different locations, therefore the shipping cost for each item in your shopping cart is calculated based on the weight of the item, the location of the item and your shipping address.

You are strongly advised to always shop from merchants within your area, city or state in order to save shipping costs, but it doesn’t matter if the product is not within your state, city or area, you will always buy at a high reduced cost and the shipping cost is always the best shipping cost you can get anywhere in Nigeria.



Free Shipping (Self-Ship)

Our self-ship program is away to help most members take advantage of some merchants already  established free delivery services, it also help merchants sustain and improve on the free delivery services that has already been part of their business solution.

Bargain Master understand how beneficial the self-ship service is to our members, and we are aware of some challenges or disputes that could come up if products doesn’t get to the buyer on time or item delivered not as described on the product information page.

Self-ship Authentication

Bargain Master implemented a 2 way self-ship authentication process that will help the buyer, the merchant and Bargain Master understand the status of the item bought, when it’s delivered and if the buyer is satisfied with the delivered product.

The 2 way self-ship authentication starts when a member has paid for the item in the shopping cart and then the shopping confirmation details sent to the provided emails (buyer email and merchant email), then a code is sent to the buyer and the merchant via Bargain Master SMS engine.

The code represents the token of authentication during the delivery process; the buyer must provide the code when the product arrives at the address provided during checkout before the merchant will hand over the item to the buyer.

The merchant also has to give the code received to the buyer for the purpose of documentation and also in case the buyer has an issue with the merchant or with the item received (Please visit our Refund and Return policy to read more on how to return items bought on this website) and need to contact Bargain Master customer solution center.


Courier Company Shipping

While some items can be shipped by merchants as free shipping items some items may be located in other states or the item may be heavy and require professional logistics companies to handle the delivery.

Also, some merchants may not have their own delivery solution and the item requires that the buyer pay for shipping.

UPS is Bargain Master Nigeria shipping partner and they have extended coverage and expertise to make sure you receive any item bought on Bargain Master on time and in good condition.

If need to receive your item faster than the merchant can deliver (using the merchant self-ship), then select the UPS shipping option and be rest assured your bought item will be delivered to you on time.


UPS offers the best shipping cost with an expansive value you can get only on Bargain Master Nigeria.


Please remember to inform Bargain Master on time if the item bought has not arrived as stated or the item received is not as described before 12 hours after delivery or after the expected delivery date.

The money paid:

All money paid for items listed on Bargain Master doesn’t go to the merchant immediately after payment, the money stays in Bargain Master Nigeria Bank account till the buyer informs us that the bought item has been received with no issues or after 12 hours of receiving delivery confirmation from UPS or the merchant (if self-shipped).

For timely resolution of any issue on bought item please contact customer solutions center from your account before 12 hours after bought item delivery. Issues reported after 12 hours of delivery may take longer to resolve (Because Bargain Master may have transferred the paid amount to merchants) or may not be attended to bring satisfaction to the buyer.



Bargain Master takes security of member information and your payment information seriously. This website is protected by the highest level of security solution available.

The payment gateway is provided by the highly secured Interswitch payment gateway “Webpay” , Bargain Master do not store member card payment information rather the payment gateway solution by Interswitch collects your cards details and process it through a very secure link, then it passes information to Bargain Master website in real-time if the payment is successful or not, after that, Bargain will decide to inform the merchant about the payment or not inform the merchant if the payment failed.

Please read Bargain Master Privacy Policy to learn how we use the information we collect and read the Condition of Use  to learn how to use our services in a more acceptable manner.

Remember you can always contact Bargain Master Customer solution center from your account or call customer solution center anytime of the day for any required solution.


Bargain Master Cares!