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Start Selling

If your goal is to build a sustainable business with business intelligence,then you’re are at the right place.

At Bargain Master our goal is to help you focus on what youdo best and let’s help you do the extras that will help you achieve your business goals which we think is primarily serving your customers well and making profit.

The Challenge

You know how the business landscape has rapidly changed from having a big store at a strategic location where customers come to buy, to moving online where today’s customers with the ever changing technology landscape has made a shopping center.

Attracting customers is getting tougher by the day, knowing where to meet them is another daunting task that only few smart businesses have mastered, and achieving result comes with a big marketing/advertising budget.

You’ve seen some big names in the online shopping business and you think “where and how do I start in getting my business online” , the technology requirement, expertise, security, and promoting the website to attract customers to the website adds another mix to the challenge.

Your solution

  • What if you can attract customers and start selling immediately without all the hype of marketing
  • What if payment can be handled in a secured manner to build confidence and trust with the customer?
  • What if shipping is done in a way that the customer will receive the product on time without defects?
  • How about managing existing customers, reaching them if I have new products or better price and offers
  • How about selling to customers buying related products to what I’m selling (cross selling) like it’s done in the open market
  • What if there is a way to achieve these goals easier, faster, secured and at a fair cost.

Yes you can (Not politics), you’re going to experience selling online in Nigeria the best way that helps your business grow in upward direction.

To start this amazing journey of growing your business in a new way that expands your profit, go to the Merchant Registration Pageadd your business information and let the journey begin.


Getting your product online

When you are done with the merchants account registration, your next point of call is the inventory section of your account. Our inventory system is so robust and intelligent enough to handle almost every requirement you want from an inventory system, it’s adaptive and even takes care of all your store location if you’re a multi store location owner.

The inventory might be the most used section of your account so you better take out time and understand all the exciting options that helps you position your products on top of customers search result and other relevant section of the website.

Before you start selling

All registered merchants on Bargain Master Nigeria website are advised to apply for the Bargain Master Verification exercise tagged “B-verified”. The verification process helps us know you better, and helps you win customers’ trust.

We understand the security and trust challenge that affects customer shopping decision online and we have worked very hard to earn their trust and to extend the same trust value to you, we have the mandate to make sure our customers are protected and are dealing with merchants that are verifiable.

Please be aware that all registered merchants can upload and display their product on our website, but only the verified merchant can sell on Bargain Master Nigeria website.

What this means is that your product have the “Add to cart, Buy now, add to wish list, or checkout button” if you are a verified merchant. When members search for a product on this website, the search result will only show verified merchants results first and then the not verified merchant’s product result will come last with the message showing that “this merchant is not verified, you’re advised to buy from verified merchants only”.

This is to protect buyers from dealing with phony and fraudulent merchants that are bent on stealing people’s money while posing as genuine business.

Attracting and Building loyal customers

We promised at the beginning that you should focus on what you know how to do best as a business and let’s help you on those areas you require to succeed as a business but  don’t have the expertise to handle.

Your business can only succeed when you have more buying customers, but today’s competitive business landscape means that every customer has minimum 100 products seeking their attention at every 1 hour and that’s 2,400 every day.

It doesn’t stop there; so many products target the same problem and seem to have the same solution and even the same price.  But we know successful business don’t win because of how low the product price becomes but they succeed by providing best value and exceptional customer services.

When you Sign In,you will see more ways to engage your customers, you will find new ways to hear what they feel about you (Forget the suggestion box you have in your office), communication is key to knowing what your customers want and not what you think they want, you‘ll see different ways to offer your product to customers and learn what else they are searching for.

Your customers have changed, they are now very busy professionals, they have little time to spend on irrelevant information, they want straight to the point information and their decision is prompt. Your customers are more connected to each other than before, the way they socialize has changed from physical gathering to online space.

You need to be as dynamic as your customers, and this is the reason we created the best social networking platform Bargain Connectthat helps customers share their most exciting activities and at the same time find the best products with the best values on Bargain Master Website.

Connecting with your customers and selling to them will never be the same.

Yes, we’ve changed the game for good, the time spent chasing customers to visit your page and converting them to customers has now been reduced by 95%. You now have a tool that is intelligent enough to help you sell more to your customers than you ever imagined.

To experience this amazing new way of providing excellent customer services and making more sales, you just need 1 minute to create your merchant account.


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