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Because people change and the way they do things change there is always going to be a learning curve and adjustments in adapting to that change.

That’s why at Bargain Master Nigeria you will find solutions that help you adapt to today’s customer demand and provide solutions for tomorrow’s dynamic customers.

We understand how fast customers want to be served and how collective learning and information sharing has changed the way they learn new products.

Learning from others and overwhelming information available to customers helped by social interaction that is almost ubiquitous has actually changed the way smart businesses interact and attract customers.

Bargain Master want you to take advantage of this customer willingness to share and be found faster when they are ready to buy.

We’ve provided you with the tools to learn and understand customers using the same space and language to make sure you meet their needs and provide what they what at the point of need.

Meet BargainConnect™

The BargainConnect™ section of the website is an amazing solution for your business; call it a playground for business and customers and you are absolutely correct. This is social network that is focused on helping you make sales rather than turning you into a news house.

Get it right; it’s more than reading your post, updates or liking your page, it’s your store and selling your product is why you’re online. So go ahead, do the fun thing and sell right on the spot without extra cost.

Connect with your customers friends, and their friend’s friends, see their birthday’s and send exclusive offers to them, don’t worry about the birthday, we will send you alert 1 week before their birthday.

How about offering a crazy discount that makes customers want to stay up all night?

Bargain 360®

The absolute way to get customers keeping vigil for your offer is by using Bargain 360 option. The power of urgency has been a tried, tested and successful way of getting people to act even when they would like to hesitate before making decisions.

Bargain 360 is a time based offer, there’s four slots available for each session and each slot last 360 minutes (6 hours), customers get alert via SMS and email 24 hours before each slot.

You can use it for product launch, promotions, season sales, or just a way of making quick sales but fewer profits. Whichever way you intend to use Bargain 360 just talk to our sales team and a suitable time slot will be reserved for you.

Birthday Offer

People remain one special date in their life more than any other date, their birthday. Take the advantage of customer birthdays and offer special deals to them and their friends. Don’t worry about the dates, Bargain Master has sorted it out, you will always get a birthday alert in your merchant account for upcoming birthdays within and around your business location.

When you receive alert, select the person’s showing on birthday alert page, select one of your listed products, add a discount to the product and save it, the person and their friends will see the products for purchase. The offer is valid till the end of the birthday date.


Go ahead and start selling to millions of customers across Nigeria.